Send the same emails yearly at the same day.


can I send the send an email yearly at a specific day? I think that should be possible with Outlook. I would like to write all of my birthday emails in advance and would like to set up the sending day and automate that day. So that yearly at a specific day will be send out the same email. Is that possible?

The idea is to automate all of my birthday emails.

Thank you very much!!!

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Can that be done via a Google Calendar maybe?

Very good question, does anybody knows if it is possible?

I checked that and it does not seem possible by Google calender or Google mail. Is it possible with EM Client?

Hello Cem,

This is a very advanced feature and the only way how to achieve this would be to set it directly on the mail server. I’m unaware of any mail client with this capability. 
In eM Client, you can send the email as “Delayed”. In the New Mail window, you can set eM Client not to send email before >DATE<.></.>