Send later option...

I want to prepare mail, but I want that it go to client after some while or at exactly time… Sometimes very useful…

I’d love this option. Before eM I used to work with Thunderbird and it has an add-on called “send it later” that was very useful.
You could change the period or just select the time to send the email, for example in 30 minutes, in 1 hour, or at 9:00 hs

I have clients overseas and I don’t want they to get an email at 3 in the morning (because nowadays everybody gets the email at their phones) .

Me too - I used this on Thunderbird all the time.

Me too! It is really useful option!

Hi this feature has been requested in multiple topics and is currently under consideration for future releases of eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,

when you do that, can you pls. enable the email to be sent even when computer is off!!!

Hi, this is unfortunately not technically possible.