"Send later" mail in Outbox is confusing

When you want to send an email later, you can use the “Send later…” option. What happens is the mail is placed into outbox and sits there until it’s time to be send. Outbox shows the number of emails pending.

However, this is confusing because it looks like there is something wrong with sending mail. I catch myself once in a while checking if all emails in there are genuinely pending or if there is a technical problem. If there IS a technical problem, I would not notice it.

It would be better if the “send later” emails were placed into a “send later” folder.

The message in the Outbox includes the time it is delayed until, so it is easy to distinguish it from messages that may not have been sent for some other reason:

The Outbox is always used to hold messages until they are sent, so in instances where the connection is lost, or when working offline, or if the message is delayed until later etc. It really is the best place to keep the message.

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True, but both kind of messages are indistinguishable when outbox is not selected, only a number shows up. The colour of that number is red, suggesting there is something wrong. Maybe a blue number for user delayed messages and a red number for technical delayed messages?