send from account received

I manage a POP account in my Gmail. I have gmail set to send from the emai account the email came to originally. I love em client but need it to do that for me automatically. Does it do this?



If you have for example more pop3 accounts and all their emails are stored in Local Folders. After Reply you are automatically sending from the account original email came to.
Is this answer to your question?

I understand I can use your client to send and receive POP3 emails just like I would outlook but if I do that they will not be in the sent history in my gmail account.My gmail account is already setup with the pop3 information. I want to be able to reply from your system and have it show to the client that it came from the pop3 account but I want it to go through the gmail servers so it is in the history.


It works fine for me, I tested it. If you send an email from POP3 gmail account, sent mail appears in POP3 send history and in IMAP sent mails history also.