Send email closes eMClient

I’ve been using eMClient for some weeks with no problem under Win10. Recently, trying to send an email (using gmail) causes eMClient to immediately crash (close and restart). Receiving gmail msgs still works fine. Any constructive thoughts? thx George

A thought, uninstall eMC, do not delete the database, reinstall current version from here

Thanks. do you suggest I also delete the database file, as prompted by Win10 App Uninstall?

oops, just reread your response. slow down George!

OK, uninstalled eMClient, without deleting the database, then downloaded and installed the latest version of eMClient–and the problem persists…eMC immediately closes when I hit ‘send’ of a test email.

If you have an eM Client backup from when it was working correctly, you can just restore that and see if there is any difference.

Otherwise probably best to start with a new database.

To do that close eM Client, and rename the database directory, which by default is at C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\eM Client. You may have to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there.

When you have renamed it, restart eM Client and add your email account again.