"Send by Email" not available

I am currently using eM Client (v 6.0.24928.0) with IE11 in Windows 10 Home. The File>Send>Link by Email and Page by Email are grayed out (do not function). Any idea on how to get these features to work?

This works for me and I have the same environment. Make sure that eM Client is your default email app in Windows 10. Click Action Center (Bottom Right) / All Settings / System / Default apps and make sure that eM Client is displayed as your default Email app. If not, click on whatever is listed under Email and select eM Client.

eM Client is set as the default in the “Action Center” and also via the Control Panel>Default Programs>Set your default programs>“This program has all the defaults”.

Hello wlls,
this is a known problem that windows 10 seems to have with some of it Defaults settings.
Try unchecking the defaults for eM Client, save, and then manually set all of them again through the ‘Choose defaults for this program’ option again and save.


Under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Default Programs then “Choose defaults for this program” I am unable to uncheck any of the boxes. I have chosen “Mail” and saved then back to “eM Client” without positive results.

I have gone through the “Action Center” > All Settings>Default App and Reset to “MS Recommended Defaults”, then back to eM Client without positive results.

This method also seems to be the only way to get a few of the 5 boxes unchecked.

I received this reply from a post on MS Tech Net forum…

Following Steps 1-6 fixed my problem…

The issue could be caused by improper default email program settings. I want to confirm with you that whether select your email program or not.

Control panel / default program / set program access and computer defaults / custom / select your email program

If the steps do not work, we have to try change the registry keys.

  1. Click Start, copy and paste regedit in the Start Search bar and then click Enter.

  2. Navigate to the following key:


  1. Right click Mail key and select Export to make a backup.

  2. Double click (Default) subkey in the right pane.

  3. Type Windows Mail as the value data.

  4. Click OK.

If these steps don’t work, we could reinstall this app to test.