Send as Mass mail gone! Why?

I have finally succumbed to the constant Update message to free V8 this morning, but find that the Send as mass mail option has gone. This annoys the hell out of me, as it is something that was of real value to my club activities. Can the BCC option take it’s place? If somebody has used this for a mass mail can they please respond.

Mass Mail option is not available in the Free version.

You could try a Distribution List. Click on Contacts icon and then

Thanks for your prompt response Sunriseal. I have just had a look, and it seems that I might have to enter each one of our clubs’ constantly changing 80-100 members each time I sent something out, whereas before with V7 I just copied the emails from a master list and pasted in to, then mass mailed.

If this query was the easy answer, then I can carry on, but why would the have previously had 2 ways of sending out large numbers of emails incognito. Perhaps I’m overthinking this, but I wish I had know about the Mass Mail only changing to the paid version before I went to V8.

I am sure there are other volunteers that might have the answer to your “BCC” question.

It can if all you want is to hide the recipients from each other, but BCC and mass mail are really two different things.

BCC sends one single message to multiple recipients.

Mass mail sends individual, personalized messages to each recipient. So you can start your message with Dear {Given Name}, and that will replace the variable with the actual name from the contact when the message is sent. Think of it as a mail merge.

The reason why Mass mail feature has been moved to Pro license only (it was the only feature we did this in the whole history of eM Client) is that free license is restricted to personal use and Mass mail feature is typically used in businesses or organizations. We believe the feature set of free version is still really wide.

Gary and Michal, thank you for your responses, and your advice. It looks like BCC is the way to go for my club.

Gary/Michal, I have just used the BCC for a club mass email to 92 recipients, but it did not work out as expected. Although I pasted the 92 in the BCC box, the email only went to 23. So I again copied the remaining emails and BCC’d but it only went to 5. Again copied remainder, and this only went to 17, and once again only to 23, and finally to 24.

This is a pain in the neck to use BCC, and it seems that there must be some sort of email quantity limit on it, but one which is not consistent? Please help me with suggestions or workarounds, as this doesn’t seem to operate correctly.

Some email providers limit the number of recipients per email, so check with your email provider about that.

Perhaps you would be best served using mailing list software.
I would suggest one such app to check out is phplist (… and it is free

And maybe, for the hassle, consider a pro version. It is only around 50 euros/USD. Not that much considering all the benefits you get for you club.

Gary, the account is gmail, and I have just checked and the daily limit is 500, which I wouldn’t use in a week. There must be some reason eM Client wouldn’t sent the whole 92.

Thanks Sunriseal, I will check it out.

Thanks for the response, but when that converts to New Zealand $ it is double, and as a small non-profit club, that is a big chunk of our funds.

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How do you know all 92 have not been sent?

Because when I went into the sent folder it showed the quantity sent out via the BCC. It showed about 6 email addresses “plus 16 Others”, which if I click on the others, shows me the addresses. So I totted them up to see how many went.

Maybe there is an error.

After sending out the BCC to 92 recipients, go to Menu > Operations and look for any errors in the Log tab.

Hi Gary, I have once again had this issue with a multiple recipient email using BCC. It will not send out the 100 plus emails in BCC at one time, and only send portions of them, necessitating 5 email sends to get them all gone. I have checked the Operations errors as above, and nothing is showing.

This issue frustrates the hell out of me, and I would dearly like to get a resolution for it. Any further suggestions please?

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Hi @Russell_Wilson

Despite the fact that Gmail has a 500/day limit, do they also impose an per hour limit?
Apart from that what is you connection speed? This could also be a factor if the connection is faltering. I have a daughter who lives in Wanaka and has a great Fibre connection with Chorus, she says that most areas have the option of good connection speeds, so it’s probably not that.

We wrote our own Mass Mailer program because of the issues we encountered using an email client via an ISP, though perhaps these issues were because of the number we send (50,000/week), we now use an independent SMTP service not an ISP to connect for Mass mailing and email…
I am not suggesting you write your own program, however, if you have access to VPN, use a Spanish location, then check out the price for eMC, you will be surprised at 34.95€ about 59.00NZD for the Pro version (petty cash money of less than 1.15NZD/week) use PayPal and the currency conversion is done for you. This will give you access to the Mass Mail facility, and if it does not work ask for a refund under the 30 day money back guarantee.


MailChip have a Free version that might suit your needs.

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Thanks for your response to my query. The club has now purchased a Pro licence to get the mass mail, which was the easiest avenue for us.