Self Learning Spam Box

When I place an email in the spam box, it would be very nice if eM does that automatically the next time for such an email (From, To, header and words in text are like same). Like Same AI is difficult to program but I will be its excellent guide.

when you move the email to spam, do it by right-clicking on the email, select “move to junk” and then select “Move to junk and blacklist email”.  Also, the next option is blacklist the domain.

Also, you can use rules, if the key is other than the sender (e.g., message text).  When the message is received the rule will send it to junk.

Blacklisting is useless, domains and adresses are spoofed and never the same. Spammers are smart. AI and guidance works if you got the stamina. Thunderbird did this perfectly, so why not eM?

Yes I use rules but adding words to the rule for the next 3 years is a bit of a bad UX, don’t you think? Let alone a combination of words. I expect software to assist me, not be a drag. Precisely why I quit Thunderbird, but not for its excellent spam AI.

Spam Assasin is working server side and deletes 80% directly. I want eM to delete  80% of the spam that still comes through. And I will NOT change the email domains that I use for 20+ years. Old School. eM can do this, come on! Maybe ask the devs of Mozilla :wink:

I’m new here - but while I despise spam, I have to wonder just how many users of EMC have such a huge spam problem that they would need an AI implementation to solve it for them.  No offense, but I’ve had my own domain and the same email since the days when domains were free and email was done with Unix character based apps.  I don’t have a huge spam problem but if I did I wouldn’t hesitate to change the address (although not the domain, which isn’t necessary).  Again, no offense.  But if EMC decides to implement AI for spam, given things like “email-action reminders” and “favorite folders” missing as well as many other features, well I’d go right back to Gmail and just drink heavily at the start of the workday.  LOL
Again - no offense. 

??? AHA ???

David, none taken, you’re probably right for your situation. I don’t think eM has to consider how many users would be helped with this functionality, but should consider if the functionality has added value, for now and in the future. Thunderbird is on its final destination, and a Self Learning Spam Box would be a very nice incentive for heavy users to change to eM.  As a developer I know adding code to a too big and too old system is a disastrous route, and eM obviously started fresh from scratch, it’s light, fast, and error free. So the SLSB implementation could be easy.  Is it too much trouble to find out how TB does this? And build it again, better? I’m sorry, no issue for me, I’m not smart enough. :slight_smile:

Hey Garlic, nobody understands your comment. Please refrain from useless  remarks to uphold the quality of this forum.

I think you have to look at the business decision that eM Client has to make.  Like every company, they have limited resources and must cater to the majority of their user base.  The vast majority of eM Client’s user base is Gmail, which does a really good job of spam filtering, so I’m not sure why they would spend the time and effort to develop the spam filtering component, especially when there are third party apps out there that do a pretty good job.

As a businessman, just my opinion.

Great points Pieter!  I gotta agree, and I’ve changed my view of it!
Grabbing bits and pieces of open-source work is indeed a huge opportunity to advance your app by lightyears!  But I wonder about the license issue, EMC doesn’t seem like an open-source candidate as they didn’t consider building an extension framework into the app.  A huge mistake IM[ns]HO.  But using open-source code generally means your app must also be open-source/free - correct?  In any event, even reverse-engineering or just hiring one of the TB developers, is a good idea.  

I wasn’t aware that TB was being EOL’d - and EMC should definitely take steps to draw some of it’s users.  I honestly have never met a single person who actually liked the Gmail web client! LOL

Thanks again for your post - I will include this in my list of enhancements for v8 - which I’ve been told I should submit and they will take into consideration when they do the final feature list for the build.  How much consideration I don’t know LOL but I have hopes and have been encouraged by my communications with the company thus far.

You’re right Jay, resources always count, but it would be an asset to have the SLSB, for your old school domain accounts, as it is an asset to operate from eM. I’m sure there will be a great ROI in the long run.