Selective and Two-Way Sync of Calendars

My question relates to syncing calendars as between Outlook365 emails through eM Client and Google Calendar.

I like to use eM Client because I have multiple email accounts to manage, and I like the ability to see all of the Inbox at once with the Smart Folders. I also use Google calendar and another email account in Outlook, but want all of these accounts to sync together in one calendar application, showing all of the appointments in a single view. 

The eM Client calendar does allow for multiple calendars to be displayed in a single view, however it doesn’t work as well because of a few issues I’m having trouble getting around:

(a) I want to have two-way sync with the Google Calendar, but if I add events on Google it doesn’t sync in eM Client.

(b) I want to add the account I use in Outlook, but I can’t add _just_ the calendar.

Needless to say, this doesn’t work well for my organization. So my questions are:

(1) Is there any way to allow for two-way sync from eM Client to Google Calendar in this way?

(2) Is it possible to add _only_ the calendar from an Microsoft Outlook365 exchange account in eM Client (not also all of the emails)?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hello Tom,

I will happily answer your questions:

  1. The two-way sync between eM Client and Google Calendar works but because of Gmail sync policy, it only allows to sync email clients every 15 minutes. When your synchronisation period is set to its default value - 10 min, every second sync is denied by the server. This makes eM Client sync with Google Calendar slightly delayed.

  2. In Exchange protocol it is unfortunately not possible to separate the services as it is allowed in IMAP. 


Thanks for the reply Russel. I actually found out the hard way that sync does work, as I realized you could delete specific sub-calendars in Google Calendar. I thought these would only be removed from eM Client, however they were actually also deleted in their entirety in Google Calendar - much to my horror. That was really not good.

As a result, some more questions:

(a) I set synchronization to 1 minute, as I assumed that was the best way to get real-time updates (I can’t wait 15 minutes for each email reply…). But is synchronization of that much slightly overkill?

(b) Is there a link to a FAQ of how to set up the eM Client/ Outlook365 calendar in Google Calendar? Now that I’ve lost my old information I can’t figure out how to set it up properly.

© If it is set-up properly, is this full two-way sync - so I wouldn’t have duplicate copies of the account? By that I mean the main account showing up under “My calendars” in Google Calendar, so that it appears twice in eM Client (once under the primary account, and another under the Gmail account).

(d) Having set-up a shared calendar, as I tried to figure this out, I figured out I can import a calendar, but that doesn’t allow me to add/ change appointments in Google Calendar - which I would like to do. Is this possible as a solution?

Thanks for your help, and let me know if any of that is unclear and I’ll clarify.

Hello again,

Setting the sync period to 1 minute won’t help. It is the rule of Google Cal that allows desktop clients sync only every 15 minutes which means that 14 out of 15 syncs will be denied by the server and it will only slow down the app.

Link to FAQ is here: and to the knowledgebase:

But I am not sure I understand correctly your point. Do you wish to import an Exchange Calendar into your Google Calendar and then add it to eM Client via you Google Account? I think that it will not allow you the full sync because of the difference in protocols.

The delegated 2-way-sync calendars work unfortunately only for Exchange protocol, Google calendar doesn’t support them. It only allows you to share and display calendars as “read only”.


“(I can’t wait 15 minutes for each email reply…)”

Tom-- also please note that the sync time interval has no bearing on email for an IMAP (or Exchange I’m pretty sure) account as these protocols push messages to the client rather than waiting for the client to poll.