"Selection" print not showing header, only date.

My problem is this: when printing a selection of text from an email the header is not printed, only the date . It’s OK when the full email is printed. Anyone got an answer to this ?

This is simply a case of different meanings of the term header.

In an email, header means the from/to/subject/date information. In eM Client, when printing a selection, it will not include the traditional email header.

In a print dialogue, header/footer means something different. In eM Client, the print header/footer is only the date and the page number.

Does that make sense?

Yes I understand your reply and from thatIi assume thjat there is no way to print the email header when printing a selection of text. This is a serious matter as far as I am concerned and EmClient should deal with it promptly. I am surprised that it has not been raised by other users. 

I know in Thunderbird it works exactly the same. As soon as you have a selection, you lose the email header. And for me that actually makes sense in both clients.

Not sure about Outlook, but I seem to remember that you can’t print a selection other than specific pages. So the situation is different.

Well, you can in Windows live mail and i don’t agree that it maked sense to lose it on a selection, why would you want to print any part of an email without the senders name /

Why would you want to print any part of an email without the rest of the body text?

Hey Gary, sorry I’m late into this conversation. Maybe I can explain why this is important. I agree with Leoman, Outlooks Express and Live Mail both worked the way Leoman and I prefer. I get emails all the time that are made up of many long conversations from my clients sometimes spanning weeks with bit’s of instructions for me to do.

 I print the latest instructions or comments, which may be 1 page. If I print the whole email it may be 10 or 20 pages. And I already have the old email instructions printed, so I don’t need them again. 

It makes no sense to print a portion of the email and not know who it’s from and then later I need to write their name on it and it risks also getting mixed up with who the email is from. That happened the other day, when I filed the email with the wrong client. I hope the EM Client programmers are able to fix this.

Of course a 20 page message makes a difference, so I understand Gerry. Some others have also asked for this same feature in other posts. 

Unfortunately in eM Client it is the same as with replying with selected text. You can’t do that, but you can in most other email clients. It is just something I got used to, because I don’t see the developers changing that. If you want to hold out in hope that the printing feature will be added, well what can I say? :wink:

Thanks Gary, please give my comments to the developers, so they understand how handy and important this feature is for some users, who use their email for business communications spanning several emails. I love this program, miles ahead of Live Mail except for this feature 

In my work I also have to print most emails to be placed on file. Most people include all previous emails in their replies but I need a printout of only the top message. A workaround is to click on Forward and then in the compose window highlight the first email, including the header of course. Click the print button in the compose window and in the print window, click the block to print only the selection. You can then print only the first email including the header.
I’m sure if you only want to print portions of a specific email, you could do so by using the Ctrl key when highlighting and have the header included as well.
If it’s any consolation - Outlook also doesn’t have such a feature but there is an add-in by Blueprint that makes it possible.

Very good workaround. Not hard to do. Did you try the Ctrl Key selection you mentioned? I couldn’t get it to work. Yet in my case I see a lot of headers inside the email, so I can be sure to select one of them with my selection.

Apologies - I did not try the Ctrl Key method when I mentioned it as a possible solution and I also cannot get it to work. Fortunately for me I always have to print out a full message and not a portion only.

Thanks to David Samuel for his workaround - so obvious as to be overlooked.  I am sure it works but I am printerless at present as mine has recently “died”. 

Leoman, there is a print preview so you can see what it will look like, or if you really want to inspect it outside of eM Client, you can print to PDF which will give the same output as you would get with your printer.