Selecting multiple emails to delete using shift and control clicks

Sometimes this says “this will delete all messages in this group” when I try to delete multiple items then I have to say no and it will then select a load of emails that weren’t selected.

The control/shift clicking does not work as expected.

Say I have 10 emails and I want to select all except #4. I can click #1, shift click #10 to highlight them all then control click #4 to deselect it. What I can’t do is click #1, shift click #3, control click #5, control shift click #10. Control+shift doesn’t recognise the shift action at all.

Also sometimes this will just end up selecting an entire group when I go to delete and override the emails I have selected. I think unless you click on a group heading and only a group heading, it should ignore the group and just do the selected emails

Actually, it is intended behaviour to select the whole group when you click on the group header.

Yes that is correct, but if I control/shift click between more than 1 groups it isn’t intended behaviour to select the whole group surely. That’s not what I was trying to do.



If I select 3 from today then shift click to 1 from yesterday, then control click 3 from yesterday, sometimes when I do delete it will say it’s going to delete everything from the group.

This should only happen if I specifically click the group header, not if I shift click emails across 2 groups. Otherwise if I want to select 50 emails then ctrl click deselect some from several groups, I have to do 1 day at a time

OK, I see now. I will forward it to our developers so hopefully they will fix it soon.

What I expected was the ability when holding down a key (or not!) to select multiple contiguous emails by mouse SWIPE, given a first starting-point click. Then maybe skip over some you want to keep and add to the selected group with a second key-click-swipe. So then you have selected 2 (or more) non-contiguous groups of emails to take an action on, be it Delete, Transfer, whatever one could do on a single email.
For me, the shift or control key does nothing for selecting multiples. I have to either laboriously click each one OR often-overkill select the group “header” .

This still isn’t working for me in the latest version unfortunately. The ctrl+shift clicking just doesn’t work at all.

Do this in thunderbird to see how it should be working.

Say you have 20 emails, you could click #1, shift click #4 then 1-4 would be selected, this works in em.

Then hold ctrl and click on #8, then ctrl+shift click on #12. In em it just ignore the shift and will have 1-4, 8 and 12 selected. In thunderbird it will correctly have 1-4 AND 8-12 selected.

Yes, that’s the way it’s working for me, thanks for the help on the shift-click the end-point email. But also yes, the ctrl+shift click does what you say instead of what you mean.

In my old Eudora I could select non-contiguous multiples by just click-ctrl-hold-Swipe, let off to omit one or more, then another click-ctrl-hold-Swipe for each new grouping. Oh well, the old Eudora didn’t have a Calendar…

Ctl-Shift is a natural windows function to “Select All” from the last one you clicked. Still not working on emClient, as of today 05/13/2014