Selecting labels faster


I use many Gmail labels and label every email. In eM client I have to klick first on “Tag” and then on “More” because the list only shows the first 9 items. But my Monitor is huge and could show 90 items!

Is there a way to change this? Or do you know a trick how to apply labels more quickly?

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As far as i know the Tags / labels showing above the “More” pop out option “cannot be changed” as is hardcoded that way. If it can be changed i’ve never found a way to do that.

I would also like a way to quickly move down the labels when you click More as i also have 100’s of labels and takes forever currently to get down through the alphabet of labels. I would like to see a eg: Vertical Scrollbar on the right of the pop out menu as in the example screenshot below.

Another problem is that the search function for tags is NOT searching in those tags created by GMail. Is this also the case for others?

Does IMAP need to be activated in the GMail settings at all? Or does eM client use another kind of access?

Yes it appears to have a Bug in the Tag search field at the top, where nothing happens after typing a label and pressing return / enter.

The only way i can get that to work sometimes is eg: “Click TAG” and then “Click your Gmail account” and then “Highlight the label” you want to search for, and then “Go back to the search field at the top” and “Type that Label in (Case Sensitive)” and finally “Press return / enter” lol.

So seems bugged in latest eM Client V9.1.2109 for Windows. I haven’t tested this on Mac as yet.

I found a way to make the TAG Search work.

“Type a label name” (works whether typing lower or uppercase), and “Then click the Gmail or whatever account you have account”. You will then see the labels appear on the right of the account.

But the Tag search should work just by “Typing in the search field” and then “Pressing enter” in my view without clicking on the account afterwards.

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Thanks a lot! That’s at least faster than searching it manually. :slight_smile:

I’m new to eM client and this forum. Does the eM client staff read the forum and notice such bugs as mentioned in this thread?

Yes there is eM Client forum moderators, managers & other staff etc who look at the forum to sort out any bug related issues that may arise. So they will be aware of this issue.

That’s very good to know, many thanks for your insights!

Yes, we read the forum and evaluate all the feedback and feature requests on a regular basis. Based on this thread we’ve made a few fixes and improvements for the tag filtering in context menu, which will be available in the next update. Once filtered we show all the filtered tags in flat structure now and we remove all the redundant separators. Not showing a different background color on mouse hover however is a deeper issue caused by the underlying system menu control, so we were not able to resolve that issue for now, but it doesn’t affect the functionality. I hope this’ll help.


it would be good to be able to choose a default acct for the tags so only tags from 1 gmail acct would show unless you went looking for all of the accts.

In License Manager be able to choose the default acct for everyone.