Selectable delay for Mass Mail

Selectable delay for Mass Mail.

What’s that about?
Do you have a problem or a question then formulate it so that you understand it.

I think the same way as you have delayed send for single messages, delayed send for a mass mail is probably what Brook is asking about. That was my understanding anyway.

It can sorta be done, but it is not directly configurable as the above settings. If you disable Send messages immediately in Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Send, then when you click on Send as mass mail , the messages will wait in the Outbox until the sync interval is completed. The sync interval is in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. If you are 30 seconds away from the sync interval, then the messages will be sent after 30 seconds. If you are 15 minutes away, they will be sent in 15 minutes. So it is not a constant time delay and it affects all messages you send, not just the mass mail. The sync interval also affects calendar and contact syncing, so if you make an unusually long delay, those might be affected. If you make a too short delay, that may cause a continual sync loop with the provider. You really don’t need to sync your contacts every minute now do you?  :wink:

Or, I could have just been completely wrong in my understanding of the post, which is why I did not comment. :wink:

Thanks for the reply Gary; I’ll rephrase my suggestion.

It would be nice if eM Client had a facility whereby one could select a send delay between each contact from a Distribution List.

EXAMPLE: My Distribution List may have 20 Contacts.

I would like to be able to set it so that -

Contact 1 is sent immediately

Contact 2 is sent 15 seconds later

Contact 3 is sent 15 seconds after that

etc. etc. up to the end of the List.

In other words there would be a 15 second delay between sending each Contact.

This overcomes the block some ISPs put on sending many emails immediately (some ISPs in Australia seem especially touchy in this respect).

Yes, that is a huge problem with some email providers. More so with free accounts than with paid services. Some limit the number of recipients per message, and others limit the number of recipients per day as well as messages per hour.

Even if you look at main-stream international providers (not local ISPs) Gmail has an SMTP limit of 100-150 messages per day which is ridiculous for such a big provider. Or maybe it is because they are so big they have such a low limit. Now this is a company that invested heavily in artificial neural networks to process spam detection, but they can’t let you send a decent amount of messages!!! For professional use even a paid GSuite account only allows 2000 messages per day. Not an option for email campaigns.

Office365 is way better for professional use with a daily limit of 10,000 recipients. Let’s see you try and reach that because they have a 30 message per minute limit. Well you could manage it but it will take 6 hours. :wink:

With other professional hosts, like Rackspace, you also may not be able to reach the limit which is unspecified. I read somewhere that it is at least as good as Office365 but with no hourly limit. If you can upload 1000 messages in a minute, it will send them. Way better for campaigns.

Of course there are some “professional” providers that are so ridiculously low, that they are not even worth considering. I have to mention GoDaddy as they allow 200 messages per minute, but you will use that all up in a minute because I believe they only allow 250 recipients per day.

(These figures were correct last year when I researched and then commented elsewhere on this, but may have changed.)

Back to our favorite email client. 20 individual messages should be OK with most providers, and you may have some difficulty finding one that does not allow that in a minute. Of course it may be useful to have smaller distribution lists if you have issues with your email provider. Instead of having one distribution list for the whole East Coast, have smaller ones, so one for each of Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. And maybe a completely separate one just for Gold Coast, because that is where I would like to be and not have any interruption to the email I receive.

Thanks again, Gary. I agree with all you say - I may just have to live with smaller Lists, a pain in the proverbial, especially when the emails are not commercial but only sending stuff to old friends. Thanks again.