Select specific mailbox folders via keyboard only?

Is there a shortcut or keystroke sequence to give the focus to mailbox folders (in the left hand panel)? I’d like to be able to switch between mailbox folders in a given account using only the keyboard.

I know that if a mail-folder does have focus, the up and down arrows scroll through the other mail folders for that account–but I can’t find a keyboard sequence that will throw the focus over there in the first place. I’m presently kludging this functionality via AutoHotkey, but I thought maybe there’s a better way.

Thanks very much. I really like eM Client, esp. the no-hassle syncing with Google Contacts.

It is not possible at the moment but we plan to allow using of Tab button for switching between the windows.

Thanks. I’d love to be able to select a particular mail-folder by typing the first letters of its name (in the way that folders in a Windows Explorer window may be selected by typing the first few letters of the folder name).