Select multiple Emails at One Time Using SHIFT or CONTROL to Mark as Read or Delete, etc

I used to be able to select several emails at one time and right click to “mark as read” or “delete”. This functionality is gone with this new release and it’s driving me batty. I have to click and open each email or arrow down to go through those that are unread. PLEASE FIX THIS. I used to be able to how the SHIFT and CONTROL button to do this. WHY IS THIS GONE? Is no one else going out of their mind about this? Is a fix to this being worked on?

Both options are still available and working ok (via the Subject) line.

What version of eM Client are you using and do you have Windows or Mac ?


Ok so you have the latest version. Sounds like something may have gone wrong in the program installation somewhere as I have that same version and can use those keys as u advised.

I would first backup eM Client via Menu / Backup and then uninstall EMC and “don’t delete the database on uninstall” when asked. Then re-download the same version of EMC and reinstall from the ver history page and see if that fixes it