"Select All" command button in "Customize"

Good morning, :raising_hand_man:
I have Pro version 9.2.1735 (3d90379) I want to know how to add a “Select All” command button for all mails at once, if however it is possible I don’t have it found in “Available Items” I find it very lacking.
Thanks for your help.

You can’t add a toolbar button, but you can use the Windows standard keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A.

And if you want something to click on instead, click on Select and the option will change to Select All.

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Hi Gary :raising_hand_man:

OK, thanks for the quick response! it’s good, it works, I chose to click on “Select” and the option became “Select all”, I hadn’t thought of doing that, like what we learn all the time, even in being “Senior” (Lol)
A++++ it’s always a pleasure to read you.