Seeing emails I cannot delete

I had a previous problem with attaching pictures to emails and sending them. I am not sure that this problem has happened as a result of previous problem so started a new topic just in case.

I shutdown my desktop system last thing at night and startup first thing in the morning. On starting eM Client it said that the database was corrupted as it had not been shutdown correctly and it could not repair. I shut it down and then restarted eM Client which came up without error messages but I now have a lot of emails in my Inboxes (from 2 gmail accounts) that are highlighted but if you click on them there is nothing in the message body. Also I cannot delete these emails. New emails can be read and deleted. If I look at the Trash and Junk folders there are lots of files there and I cannot empty the folders or delete emails.
If I go into my Gmail account I do not see the same undeletable emails, nothing in Trash or Junk.
Thought it might be a virus I tried to run Avast (free) to do a scan but it would not start saying it had a problem and could not be repaired. Ended up downloading Avast and re-installing it, then ran a smart scan.
No scan errors but I still have the problem with eM Client.
Your help as always is appreciated.

In eM Client, right-click on the Gmail All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

OK. Tried that on both the gmail accounts I use but it has not changed things. I still see the emails in Inboxes, trash and Junk. There are subjects with no text body and cannot delete them or empty trash/junk.
The refresh icon seems to be running for a long time with nothing being downloaded.

Make a backup using Menu > Backup, then go to Menu > Accounts and remove the Gmail account.

Add it back again.

Before I do that could I just clarify something. I have eM Client setup to access 2 gmail accounts, mine and my wifes. When I do the backup with All Inboxes highlighted does the backup facility backup both email accounts at the same time? Do I then I go into accounts and delete both gmail accounts? Will the delete account remove emails that were received via that account from my local folders? Then I add them both back in again?
Thanks, Barrieā€¦

The backup takes a snapshot of eM Client as it exists at that time. That includes all accounts, all messages, calendars, contacts, settings etc. It is simply to ensure that if you do something wrong, you have a restore point you can go back to and try again. So, once you have that safety net in place, remove the email account that has the issue, then add it back again. There is no need to remove and re-add your wifeā€™s account if she does not have the same issue with her messages.

With a Gmail account, the default setup stores the messages on the server, not your computer. But as it appears that the cached messages for that account in the database on your computer have become corrupt, and the repair does not fix it, removing and re-adding the account will remove the cache completely, and then resync with what is on the server.

Hi Gary,
Thanks very much for your help and on a Sunday too.
I have now done what you recommended but I had to delete both of our accounts to be able to clear all the stuck messages.
My local folders that I keep important messages in look OK. I prefer to keep things local rather than on the cloud, bit of a hangup from POP useage.
All seems to be working properly now but I have my fingers crossed the way my luck seems to be going at the moment.
Once again, thanks very much for your help, its very much appreciated.

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