See sender address prior to opening

I’d like to “mouse over” or “Right Click” on a name or header in my inbox to verify the senders email address etc. Spammers are very tricky and why shouldn’t I the eM client user have the ability to protect myself. Is there a way and I’m just not seeing it?

Hello Warren,

If you just hold your cursor over the sender name, small window will appear with the email address together with Send email and Add to contacts buttons. Is it what you were looking for?


This only works if you have already opened the email, which I believe the question was trying to avoid…?

Hi guys and TY for the responses.

I’ve tried mousing over both opened and unoped emails and I never get a pop up box.
I’m using version 7.1.30794.0 which I believe is up to date.

Any thoughts?

Hello Warren,

I am sorry for the late reply.

As Mark noted, if you wish to see the sender’s address before the body of an email is downloaded (general IMAP setting), only chance is to right-click on the email and open the “view mail header source”. There you can see the sender’s full email address. 


Thanks Russel!

Is there a fix for us POP users in the works?
Or are we just taking our chances with eM.
(Not taking a shot at you or the company and no disrespect meant)
Just want to know about options.

Thanks again,


Hello Warren,

From its nature, POP3 downloads whole messages from the server (compared to IMAP which downloads only headers) so if the spam was not caught by the spamfilter or by the domain/address blocker and it ended up in your Inbox, it is already downloaded. In this case, your idea makes sense only for IMAP accounts but not for POP3. 

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