Security Certificates

I’m am experiencing a problem when opening em client. I get a popup which says "em client can’t verify the identity of “” 
The host name doesn’t match the name specified in the certificate.

I followed the instructions in similar threads about installing the certificate in  “Trusted Root Certification Authorities” to no avail. The issue here appears that my email account is on a hosted imap server and the server name is not my “”. This happens on a Windows XP as well as a Windows 7 machine.

I’d appreciate any advice.

Hi, unfortunately this behavior is caused by an improper setting of the certificate, because you’re using a different domain than the host, the certificate is not setup for your domain.
I suggest either contacting your hosting support so they can fix this issue, or wait for a new release of eM Client where there will be an option to remember this setting.

Hope this helps, thank you for understanding,

Thank you for replying quickly. I will look forward to the new release. - Hal

Thank you, if you come across any other issues, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.