Secure email setup using namecheap in eM Client.

Setting up an email account created with, If i use ports 25 and 143, email goes through. If i use ports 465 and 993 for secure connection, it says that it cannot connect to the servers. I setup the same account in thunderbird and had no problem. I think this may be related the option available for normal password authentication in thunderbird. Don’t seem to have an option like this in em client. Please help!

Hi, do you use any kind of antivirus or firewall?

could you try these settings:

port 143
use ssl/tls if available

port 993
usel ssl/tls on special port (legacy)

I do, I have created exceptions in the firewall for those ports and disabled my antivirus in testing. The trick is I can put those same ports in Thunderbird and they work with and without doing anything to the firewall/antivirus.

Those are the ports I’ve been trying to use.

and does eM Client works without activated firewall?