Secondary email account does not show up anymore

I added a hotmail account as a secondary account in emClient 5.0 It worked fine for a few days but somehow it’s not accessible anymore. It’s still setup and configured and i can see it sync but it does not show up on my tree to be able to click the folder and use the hotmail account. Somehow I’ve hid this account from the tree?

Can you please send a screenshot of the folder tree directly to me at [email protected]? Thank you.


Still having this problem daily and wanted to add some observations to see if they may help.

  1. Yes i do have a backup configured on this machine it’s the native windows 7 backup which is scheduled to run 1 / wk on sunday evening.

  2. My secondary email account normally shows up first thing in the morning but then dissapears during the day. It at times has shown back up during the day.

  3. Could this be a time out issue? I’ve noticed a lot of Sync messages in the status bar. Maybe it’s trying to sync with my hotmail and is timing out and not retrying again?

Hi Brian,
I asked you for your AirSync log by email but have not received a reply yet - does the problem persist?

I’ve sent the logs 3 seprate times, did you get them?


Yes thank you. I will analyse them and will let you know as soon as it is done.