Second email account set up, Pop 3 option missing

I have an email account set up in eM Client for one of my URLs. I am trying to set up a second account for a different URL of mine, but when I set it up (via an auto wizard) it does not give the option of Pop3, only IMAP. (The first account is Pop3, no problem). I have looked through all the options and cannot find where I can change it to Pop 3. (If I am forced to use IMAP for any reason, I assume I would have to get the relevant technical details from my host provider.) Any help welcome. Thanks, Maia.

Hi Maia,
the automatic set up configures your account according to the default setting from your server.
If you do not wish to use IMAP you can always use manual setup. When you click New Account just choose Mail > Other and you will have the option to manually set the POP3 protocol and input your POP server data.

Best regards,