Seatched Items go to Trash

I was in ‘trash’.
I searched for “ebay”.
By mistake, i had “all folders” ticked.
The program found all the ebay messages i had from all my folders and put them into ‘trash’.

I can see no reason for the programme to do this and it seems like a bug to me.

Is there any way to get them back in the right folders without going through every one?

I think you would normally have to drag them all back to their original folders from the trash, as its not likely the normal undo would work being they were moved into the trash folder via the search.

The only way i could think of is eg: possibly try restoring a recent eM Client backup database if you regularly do backups via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Thanks, that’s about the way i saw it and luckily it was not too big a job to work out which folder they needed to go back into. Unfortunately I didn’t try ‘undo’.
Having said that, the function should be to “search”, not “search and stick into trash” (or whatever place you are searching from) so unless i’m missing something, it does seem to me like a bug that should be addressed. If i hadn’t actually noticed what was happening i might well have deleted some important emails.