Searching for contact name or email; why must I press "enter"?

In Outlook, I only need to type in a contact name or when searching for a specific word within an email, just the word itself and I DON’T have to press enter. Can this feature please be incorporated into eM Client? Again, you’re adding more clicks which requires more time from users. Less clicks = better; more clicks = GOODBYE.

Although I won’t go away because of this ‘1 click’, I also would like to see that at least the search function above the contacts list, would work immediately: that is, it should immediately filter the list with contacts based on the text I’m typing in the search field. (without having to press [enter])

Then when pressing the [arrow down], it should put the focus on the grid/list with filtered contacts. (Now I first need to press the [tab] key.)

Hi, unfortunately we do not plan to change this behaviour as it works like it was designed without problems and we have to attend features and issues which work less flawlessly or are not implemented yet.


Of course you need to focus on more important things first…but it should be possible to implement this behavior in a few hours (actually minutes I guess): just call the method ‘FilterContacts()’ in the OnChange() event of the edit field, and not only from the Click() event of the button.

Or something like this. :slight_smile:

It’s not a feature, lol. It requires users to do more interaction which is bad.

I understand that it looks this easy but programming is never this easy and also never this cheap, few hours of programmers work are expensive so we have to focus on more requested features or issues requiring our attention.

This works as originally designed so there is no need to rework it at this moment.


I know programming can be difficult (I’ve been a software engineer for 15 years)…that’s why I expected that this feature should be easy to implement…

I do notice that many times you give as a reason not to change something, is because ‘it works as originally designed’…I think that’s not a correct reason not to change something…people can have better ideas how something could work than it’s working now.

If people never would change things because ‘they are working now correctly as designed’, we all could still be driving T-Fords…or our TV’s would still be big, heavy boxes, processing analog signals and showing low-resolution images in black-and-white.

For progress it’s needed that even things which work okay now, are re-evaluated and changed if the change is an improvement.

but there is no sense to alter something that works - not only in IT sphere. Anyway if anyone would like to see this implemented he/she can make and Idea request topic - we always care about them and discuss them even f they are marked as rejected.

Anyway until eM CLient will have more important features or features which do not work like intended or are buggy we have to spend our programmers’s time to them.


“but there is no sense to alter something that works” Your attitude is awful. You may think it “works” but WE the USERS do not think it works as well as it should. What kind of company or representative of the company treats it’s customers like this? I would think that eMClient would WELCOME constructive criticism. we’re trying to help you and eMClient succeed yet you continue to belittle our concerns and suggestions.

Hi, you have to understood that people who do not like it like this are very minor to those who do not like it. It would not be economical to adjust eM Client for minority instead to majority.

I hope you understand it as we are private company and we need to plan our resources very carefully.


“people who do not like it like this are very minor to those who do not like it.”

Really? How do you know this? Did you take a survey?