Search syntax

Using emClient 3.5. While I find Search to be reasonably fast, the syntax required is non-standard and therefore kind of annoying. For single words, no problem. For multiple words that aren’t adjacent I have to use the text: prefix on each word. E.g. to find messages that contain “foo” and “bar” (including “foo xxx bar”), I have to use the search “text:foo text:bar” instead of just “foo bar”. Google pretty much set the standard here, and almost all other search engines do the same. So should emClient.

The double quotes above weren’t part of the search string! If you implement the more standard search syntax then the double quotes would also be important in some cases.

How did you figure out how to use text:foo text:bar? Trial and error?
That search syntax closely resembles Windows 7 search. I don’t really care which search syntax is used, as long as its well documented. Where is the documentation for the search syntax used by eM Client? It appears to be non-existent.
I’d like to see examples of every conceivable search syntax in the help file, including how to combine multiple criteria, phrases, excluding text, etc.

If I search for ‘X Y’ eM Client finds e-mails which contain the words X and Y…those words don’t need to be next to each other in an e-mail.

If you type a question mark (?) in the search field, it will show the options you can use.