Search problems - can't cancel

I’m experiencing a few problems with searching on EM Client and I’d be grateful for any advice.

When I type something (name or email address) in the search box, I get the rotating “working on it” symbol, but then nothing.  Cancelling the search doesn’t seem to have an effect: I continue to get the “working on it” symbol - the full list of emails won’t appear - and I have to wait until the search has completed.

After about 5 minutes, the search finally delivers its results, at which point I can cancel it and return to he normal listing.  However, until then I can’s see any emails at all, in any folder.

Is this normal?  Is it because it’s searching the IMAP folders on teh Google Apps server, and not locally?  If so, how can I cancel the search and return tot he normal list view?  I’m aware that Outlook, for example, has an indexing service which it needs to run through before it can deliver prompt search results; is this the same with EM Client?

Thanks in advance,

Trent SC

Hi Trent, first of all the search shouldn’t take such a long time to go through the folders, it’s only searching through the accessible local data, what version of eM Client are you currently using?
Can you make a screenshot of the issue maybe? What criteria are you searching for and what folders is the search setup to go through (you can adjust the search setting by clicking on the little magnifying glass in the search field).

You should also be able to cancel the search immediately by clicking the x, or deleting the search criteria and pressing enter on an empty search field…

Thank you,

Current version is 6.0.20498.0 running on a powerful Windows 7 machine.

As for a screenshot, see attached - I just search for “john” with the default search settings to see how it went - it took about 51⁄2 minutes.  Interestingly, once this search was completed, I was able to cancel other searches.  Might this happen when on each initial search after I restart the program, I wonder?


Hi again, can you please download this tool (, and run the tool why the search is “stuck”, it will create a dump file on your computer, please send me the dump file to with a reference link to this forum topic.

You can create several dump files as well, and send all of them to me.

But note you have to run the tool while the search is trying to get the results.

Thank you,

Will do.

Might not be today - the weather’s lovely and I’m heading out of the door!

Hi Paul,

Just emailed you the text file!


Hi again Trent, thank you, I’ve received the dump file, we’ll be reviewing this, I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you,