Search Not Returning Results

I am trying out EM Client and the only feature I am having issues with is search. Search does not seem to find any emails while Outlook search does. I am using Office 365 Outlook (Exchange) for email. I am searching for really basic terms like static IP address.

Does EM Client take a while to index the emails? I have set the options to search the body of the email and everything else so the options are correct. Again, does it take a while to index or is search just not good?

Please advise thanks!!

eM Client will return the result instantly.

But if you are using the server search function, it may take a while.

So it depends on what method you use, and how the messages are cached in eM Client. If you go to Menu > Accounts > Exchange tab, and the Sync Options are set to download messages for offline use, you don’t need to use the server search option. Click the down arrow in the search box and untick the server search option, then try the search again.

Thanks for the help. I did more testing and narrowed down the issue. I am looking for emails with the words Hostek IP Address in them. If I search for “hostek” I find all emails with Hostek in the body. However, if I search for “hostek ip address” I get nothing.

I know if I search for these 3 words in Outlook, I will get emails with the three words even if they are scattered throughout the email body. I am trying to do the same thing. I want to search for those three words and see any emails where those 3 words appear somewhere in the body of the email.

How can this be done?

It works as it should. If you are using the " " in the search text remove them and try the search again.

Results are displayed for consecutive:

Results are displayed for non-consecutive:

I found the problem. For some reason, my Office 365 account got setup as an IMAP account. Now when I search for those 3 words, I am getting results. Now it’s returning results with multiple words in the search box. Why it set it up as IMAP is beyond me but it’s working now.

I have to say that I really like this client over Outlook. I like the way it groups conversations into a single email where you can click through the older conversations. The conversation thread handling is light years ahead of Outlook.

I also don’t even want to deal with this new Outlook client they are coming out with. I tested the current version and it’s terrible. It’s basically a web page disguised as an app. The attachment support and other functions are horrible compared to the current version of Outlook. I know it’s still in development but I see exactly where this Outlook new client is headed and I don’t want any part of it.

Thanks for the help!

Can I just say something about this, as someone who has been using eMclient for over 3 years but has never bought it mainly because I thought the search feature didn’t work. Until looking at this post I never realized that this is what the down arrow in the search box did (I did see the filter button, and I think I thought the down arrow was for previous searches, as it often is in other search features). But clicking on it I realized that it was set to “custom folders” with only the inbox selected, and only “body” as the search fields. No wonder my searches never brought up anything! It’s a very minimal UI treatment for something so important. I also wonder why there isn’t a popup telling users about this function when their searches get no results. Instead there is the constant “search results might be incomplete” message at the top of the results window, which I thought was my problem, but it seems is totally irrelevant if you are using server search (which makes more sense for me as someone who uses a laptop and a phone for email). So I would suggest making search options more prominent, and in the same vein combine the filter and down-arrow “folders to search” into one panel, since there is some overlapping functionality.

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