Search not returning all results

Hello, I’ve recently installed eM Client and have 2 gmail accounts, one that’s almost 15 years old and the other that is 5 years old.

When I’m trying to make a search in the emails, it’s only searching the ones I’ve received since I’ve installed eM Client, not the old ones (even though I ticked “download emails for offline use” in both accounts).

Is that expected behaviour? How can I get a reliable search that searches all emails, including old ones?

  1. Are you using pop or imap?
  2. Do the emails you want on Google or on your local files?
  3. Do the emails you want exist ON YOUR COMPUTER?

In general, if things are setup properly to do what you want, then search will find things even many years old. Search works really well, so the issue is how is it setup to screw up the search you want.