Search not finding messages over 3 years old

I’m trying to find some messages that I sent 4 or 5 years ago, but nothing earlier than 2020 shows up. Should I have been archiving these things regularly?

No you normally don’t need to archive or auto archive to find old sent mail. If you did, they will normally show either “under your account in an archive folder”, or “at the bottom left in eM Client in an archive folder within Local folders”.

So if there are no archive folders showing old messages anywhere, it could just be that those messages “are not yet cached locally / indexed in eM Client” so you are not seeing them as yet when you search, which you can adjust via a setting in your eM Client account if that is the case.

However first thing though is, if you have an eg: IMAP, Exchange, Office 365, or iCloud account (Non POP) account, go online to your webmail and check that they are showing there.

If the old sent messages “are then showing online” ok in your webmail, go to eM Client accounts / IMAP or Exchange tab and go down to “Sync options”. Then make sure message sync period is set to “All Time”. Also “tick both boxes” to download messages for offline use etc, and include attachments to search etc. Then save and close accounts.

Note: This can time to then locally index in eM Client depending on the size of your remote server mailbox, and will also take more space up locally in eM Client database but should ultimately fix that problem.

Now if the old messages “are not showing online in webmail”, then contact your mailbox technical support for assistance on how to view them. Could be there is an eg: Auto archive online enabled in the mailbox itself or a limit on how much you can display in a remote mail client.

It may be limited if you are using the server search option. Sever searches only show the first 100 results.

Click the down arrow in the search box and see if server search is ticked. If it is, untick it. Try the search again and see if there is any difference.

Why does server search only show the first 100 results? Why can’t it show all results?

Seems like rather a flaw, as that forces you to open your e-mail client to find other emails.

Is this a limitation that can be removed?

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That is a question you will need to ask your email provider.


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Surely this can’t be an e-mail provider thing. I have used other email clients that can show all results, and surely not every e-mail provider arbitrarily limits results to 100 searches.

The comment from @Gary above suggests that it is an eMclient limitation that server searches only show 100 results.