SEARCH limitations

I just cannot get eM’s search function to work satisfactorily:
I set “All folder” and “Subject, sender, recipients and body” as the options - that sounds to me like it covers all bases
However, if I search for the same in Gmail web, and eM, Gmail finds much more. Sometimes eM finds nothing when I know it’s there. Then firing up Gmail finds exactly what I’m looking for.
Advanced search helps not a bit!
Any ideas before I have to leave this nice program? At the moment I just can’t trust it.

I should say that I’m using MAPI to access Gmail in Em…

Hi Ross, can you tell me an example of what you were searching for and what search criteria did you use?
Maybe a screenshot of the email that eM client was unable to find?

If you’re searching for something in the body of the email, you have to make sure this email is available for offline use, you can have all emails available for offline use by checking this option under your account settings in Tools > Accounts.

Also if you’re searching for maybe a partial email of the sender etc. you can use the ‘*’ sign for better search results. For example if you only know the domain you can search for something like “from:*” or if it’s the other case and you don’t know the domain you can use “from:name*” and the * sign should search for anything beggining or ending with this part of the email.

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul. Thanks for that help. I guess it is a limitation of the program that you can’t send search data to Gmail to find data in the body of the email? Now that I understand the limitations, I might be less frustrated.

However it doesn’t seem to be particularly helpful to have a MAPI connection and not be able to make full use of it (maybe this is a MAPI limitation?). The idea of having do download 5 Gig of email and keep them on my computer doesn’t really appeal to me - even if it were possible.

Is there possibility of a solution to this in the future, or is it a limitation not surmountable?


One more query on this front Paul. Since I don’t have any emails at all in my local folders store, what exactly constitutes an email that is “available for offline use”? I can search for body text and get results - just not all the results I expect.


Hi Ross,

I think an e-mail is “available for offline use”, means that the whole e-mail (header, body, attachments) have been downloaded to your computer.

Available for offline use is an email that has been already downloaded, eM Client only downloads the headers of emails by default unless the option, download messages for offline use, is checked. But when you click on the email the body is downloaded as well as your attachments etc. This allows eM Client to provide faster search and smaller data consumption, although you can not search for the content of bodies of emails, unless they have been already downloaded.

Hope this helps,