Search in rules (?)

Is it possible to search in the rules (finding a specific rule)?
Are the rules stored in an editable file somewhere?
I have 100+ rules and it is sometimes hard to find a specific rule.

Hi, unfortunately no, rules are only editable from the application and no search feature is applied to this settings window.
I’m sorry if this is an issue for you, maybe it could be a request for future improvement?

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I’ve got 40 rules and more, too, and finding the correct one is just a PITA. Using Thunderbird for quite a long time, this wasn’t any problem so far (perhaps it was an add-on, though).

 I would like to add this to your list for the features of the upcoming version 7!

Hi again Mike, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.

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Paul, with respect to your current answer and those from the past. You always write the very same answers w/o changing anything in emClient.

I’m a customer (lifetime license)  since a week now and missing various features in emClient. Hence, I’ve searched the community forums, FAQ and used the google search for any solutions of my current issues regarding missing features. I came across lots of threads of emclient users that were posted more than half year, maybe even older. Most of them got the official answer, including yours:

we’ll consider adding the feature to future releases of eM Client.

I understand that developing a complex application takes time, however I’m smart enough (longtime programmer Windows, MS CRM and SAP)  to judge if a suggested enhancement is easy to implement or not or if they are just discussed away with statements you just posted above.

Looking at the release history of v6, I’ve seen not many real enhancements you have done besides fixing this and that. The conversion view you are suggesting for v7 on facebook is not really a breaking feature.

Better toolbar customization, bigger and more buttons would be great. Enhancements in the rule definition (search box, and/or conditions, combine sending/receiving rules instead of multiple ones) would be the way to satisfy many of your loyal  and new customers.


Hi Mike, please follow my answers under another reply of yours for more information.

Thank you for understanding,