Search for non-sequential keywords

Coming off Mailbird I find eM’s search feature extremely inferior and downright simplistic. Inferior to the point that I am forced to use Mailbird to locate emails that eM simply ignores.

Why? Because eM searches for an exact combination of keywords (i.e. identical keyword phrases) while Mailbird searches for keyword occurrences within the same email and these keywords do not need to be in the same sequence as the keywords entered in the search field.

For example, searching for “David Friday sticker” in Mailbird I can pull an email with these keywords in it (though not in the same sequence). eM produces zero results because it is searching for a phraze instead of individual keyword occurrences.

Anyway to fix it or I am reaching for the stars?


text:“David” “Friday” “sticker”

Would accomplish what you want.

Actually, the search function is quite powerful once you understand it.  However, it is lacking NOT capabilities.

Hello Jay,

Appreciate your effort to solve this issue.

Regretfully your method does not work. Instead of pulling emails that contain all three keywords, I am looking at hundreds of search results containing these keywords separately (i.e. emails with only “David”, “Friday” etc. in them and NOT all three keywords together)

I am always happy to learn and really glad to understand how eM works - but to this day its search functionality remains a mystery to me.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood your issue.  You want to see the three words if they appear in a single email, regardless of their order.  Okay, try this:

text:david text:friday text:sticker

That should do it.

it did work - thank you, Jay!

The only difference I see is the yellow highlights on the keywords in the search results are missing. Not a biggie but still would save time if those were highlighted.

I completely agree on the highlights.  Those need to be there.

I submitted this to pro support.  It is a known issue (no highlighting) and there developers are working on it.