search folders: how do I show email to/from a contact (recipient:contact is not what I want)

I want to create a search folder to show messages to/from a contact.

If I use recipient:contact, it also shows me messages sent from other people to this contact where I was CC’ed on it. That is not what I want.

I want to see a combination of both:
messages sent from me to/cc/bcc the contact
messages sent from the contact to/cc/bcc me

How can I do this?

Unfortunately there is no way to specify OR when using multiple criteria (thats already in the ideas forum). And there is no way that I know of to group multiple criteria together. Something like this is what I want:

((to:contact OR cc:contact OR bcc:contact) AND from:me) OR (from:contact AND (to:me OR cc:me OR bcc:me))

Any suggestions?

Hi, you should be able to us the OR function by using the ‘,’ sign.

So it should look like this (to:contact , cc:contact , bcc:contact). You should be able to use AND by using space.

I hope this helps,

I can get multiple OR conditions using the comma, or I can use multiple AND conditions using a space.
Is there anyway to combine the OR with AND?

I can’t seem to create a filer to show files sent from me to a specific contact, this is what I am trying:
to: contact, cc: contact, bcc:contact from:me

It says: Error: Unknown condition key: “contact”.

And that’s only half of what I really want. I want also to show messages from the contact to me, in the same search filter.

I know it sounds complicated. But I’m migrating from Opera and I’m so used to having this capability (Opera called it followed contacts) and Opera allowed to you make a followed contact with 2 mouse clicks and does what I describe in my first post. I’m trying to figure out how to do this in eM Client. I think eM Client is a lot better than Opera, but its very inconvenient without this feature.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to use brackets in the eM Client’s search but there are some options that could make the search easier so you don’t have to use all the conditions from your example.

For example, if you want to search for an email in to, cc and bcc, you can easily use email:[email protected] instead using all three etc.
Type ‘?’ into the search field to see more options on the searchable items.

Thank you for understanding,