Search folders/ filters

I have been on a long search for the ideal email manager. After at least a half a dozen disappointments, eM Client seems to be the best bet so far. And yet it seems nothing is perfect.
Being accustomed to Gmail’s filter features for so long I am missing them. I believe Search Folders is eM Clients version of filters. I figured out how to have all the emails from a single address moved into a chosen folder. What I can’t figure out is how to get emails from multiple addresses into the same folder.
I would greatly appreciate any help.

I think you are looking for Rules. These monitor for new messages, and if they match certain criteria, the message is changed in some way like adding a tag, moving to a folder, or even forwarding the message to someone else.

Please see the Documentation (F1) for more on Rules.

Or, if you have specific questions about Rules, please ask.

Thanks Gary. That’s exactly what I needed. This may become my favorite email manager after all. Took me a few false starts but I accomplished what I set out to do. Cheers. Bill

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