Search Folder rule to include multiple contacts

I have created a Search Folder with a rule “from:” and added several contacts using em Contacts feature. I get zero result. When I have a single email address it works. Do I need to include any operator between the string of email addresses?

Hello Johann, in order to search for multiple contacts addresses using search you should use commas as OR separators, for example:,

Hope this helps.

Thank you, Paul. That works. You may need to change the screenshot in your Helps because it does not reflect this information. It has the addresses all stringed in one long chain, which happens if you use the Browse/Contacts feature and check the addresses that you want to have included. It produces one long string without any separator. Thanks again.

Hello Johann, not completely sure what screenshot exactly are you referring to, can you please point me towards it so we can fix this problem?

Thank you.

Sure. It is at
Go to WebHelp, then Features/Smart Folders/About Search Folders. The screenshot shows at the bottom the FROM entry, one long string without separator.

Hello again Johann, I’m afraid I don’t see anything wrong with the screenshot.
Search in categories searches for two possible categories Green category and Friends, which are in the text form separated by a comma, implying this query would show both message with the green category assigned, friends category or both.

Different queries are separated by space to act like an AND condition.

_ read:no flag:yes category:green category,friends before:“11/28/2013” _ should search for: _ unread messages that are flagged and categorized as green, friends or both and that were received before 11/28/2013 _.

Hope this helps.