Search doesn't work in sent folder

Search doesn’t work in sent folder. That’s all. I can see the email I sent but if I search for that contact either in all folders or specifically in the sent folder it won’t be found.

Come on people. You want people to buy this stuff?

I do find the email when I search specifally in the sent folder where the email is. But most of the time I want to search in the sent folders of ALL my accounts. That doesn’t seem to be possible. So, an “All sent” folder in Favorites, just like the already existing “All inboxes” folder, would be more than welcome.

I can definitely search for contacts via name or email address in the Sent folder using eM Client V9.2.x

(Example of searching for all the emails in the Sent folder using the below name PM1 Broadwater)


Right-click on Favorites and choose Display > Sent.


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I almost agreed this was resolved I had 2 successful searches based on text found in the description and a particular sent to addressee that both worked fine. Then because I didn’t track the specific sender that was at issue the first time I decided to do another search on “support” in the “current folder” that being the sent folder with subject, recipients, sender, body, notes and attachments. it took quite a while to resolve almost 3 minutes for whatever reason there seems to be these processes that every once and again seem to take considerably longer than normal. Often the delete function can take quarte a while even though you’re only deleting one message that on the previous messages was instantaneous but the latest one takes like a minute. Then the next one deletes like most every other message instantaneously. Well that’s what happened with this search I suppose.

The returned results seem to be accurate. I obviously couldn’t verify every single one because there were hundreds.

I thought there used to be a checkmark in front of the search options that were selected. Either I’m crazy or it’s no longer displaying. Even if I’m crazy and there never was a checkmark in front there should be because you have no way of knowing what options are in effect without that.

So, overall kind of resolved but other issues have surfaced.