Search does not find emails in Archive folders


I have “Include Archive Folders” selected / enabled, but when I search for emails the search results never contain any emails from the archive folders. It seems to not search the archive folders at all.

Please advise if this is a known bug and when it will be fixed. Please also advise if there is any way to re-index the DB or get search to cover archived emails.

em Client Version: 5.0.18025.0
OS Version: Windows 7

Best Regards

this problem has been already reported to us and it is fixed in our internal version. The fix will be released in the next update.

Ok great, looking forward to the new release.

I’m a new user on eM Client Version 6.0.20320.0 … still trying to find and/or figure out how to include the archive folders in a search …

Hi, if you click on the little magnifying glass in the search field, search settings will be shown. There’s an option “include archive folders” and then the search should go through your archive as well.

Hope this helps,

this problem still exist in version 6.0.21372.0 - is there a fix already?

eM Client’s search feature by default does not go search through the Trash/Archive folders, if you want to include your archive folder in the search results, select the option to include Archive in the results by clicking on the search options in the search bar and select “Include Archive folders”.