"Search" box in top right corner doesn't search domain names or partial words?

So this is a curiosity and is kind of a sore spot for productivity, at least for me. When I type something in the “search” box in the top right corner (a marvelous feature, like what is seen in most other popular email clients) it appears that this box will search whole words only and also there seems to be no way to make it include domain names (as part of email addresses) in the search.

For example: if a subject line in a conversation has a long order number, say something like “GB4769719987” i’d love to be able to type simply " 9987 " into the search box and immediately see all of the emails (either in the current folder or in all folders, however I have search configured) from that long conversation involving that order number. Right now I can’t get eM Client to work that way. I can’t even seem to use wildcards like searching for " *9987 "

Another example: if I’m having a multi-party ongoing email thread with lots of people at WidgetCompany and they all have email addresses from the widgeco.net domain (like sam@widgeco.net, chris@widgeco.net, charlie@widgeco.net, and pat@widgeco.net) I would love way to type " widgeco.net " or simply “widgeco” into the Search box and see all emails to and from any of those parties (again, this is of course assuming that my drop-down menu has “sender and recipients” included in the search settings). Right now, I can’t ever get eM Client to also pay attention to sender or recipient domain names when searching like this.

Other clients like Thunderbird and Outlook all behave in the manner I’m describing above: including partial words and also including sender/recipient domain names as part of the search field. Is there a reason eM Client appears to not do this or is there a setting I can enable to bring eM Client’s search functionality into closer alignment with other email client apps?

I just tested the search option to look for domains and partial domains and it did display all emails it found using these search setting options:


Using eMC v8.2.1659, Windows 10

I have the same settings and do not get any results when searching for domain names or partial domain names.

I am running eM Client 8.2.1659 (845a639)