Search bar location?

In new version #7 Is there a way to change location of search bar from right side to the left side like in version #6? It was very convenient before to do searches when it was above the threads.

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As of the moment there is unfortunately no way to change the position of the search bar. It is, however, something we’re taking under consideration for a future change.


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Yes please do. This is a major bug bear as we are developers and use a 30" screen (most users are on larger screens) so having the search box so far away from the folders and search results is really frustrating. Not only do you need to move the mouse all the way to the right but if you are constantly having to move your eyes around the screen. Having it positioned left aligned above the email listing was ideal in v6.

NOTE: We had a response from eM Client support on this saying:
“The current position of the search field is much less confusing, since many web sites and applications have search button on the right side and so the position is intuitive for most of our customers. - Jelena Braum”

Intuitive? Really? Having to move your focus of eyes and hand coordination to an area of the screen totally unrelated to the folder tree and email listings is intuitive?! Hmmm

I think the most intuitive position for a search field is right where the results appear. The search field should be right within the column with the results.

a few seconds of use on a proper monitor would have shown that to anyone. It’s like they’re all so busy playing on their phones they forget there’s other users out there.

Couldn’t agree more - search bar location makes no sense - horrible user experience vs. version 6