search bar location


I really enjoyed the location of the search bar in v6 (directly above my emails). In v7 the search bar has been moved to the very right side of the application. Is there any way for me to customize the location of the search bar in v7 and move it back to the same location is was in v6?



Hello Matt,
the location of the search folder is not customizable.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Thanks for the response! Was there a specific reason why the search bar was moved from its previous location? Maybe I could appreciate it more if I understood its purpose. So far though, it seems like it makes it just a little more inconvenient to search for emails. 

Overall I love your product, thanks for the good work.


P.S. Just to clarify, I was not referring to the location of search folders, but rather the search bar.

Yes, this move of the search box is very frustrating and quite frankly makes us want to go back to v6.

Yeah. Because of this issue I have decided not to upgrade to v7. I suppose v7 has some nice features, but I use the search box so regularly that I don’t think I could stand the inconvenience of its new location in v7. 

I couldn’t agree more!

Stupid place to put the search bar - not intuitive at all! I had to come here to see why the mail search box had disappeared! I guess common sense doesn’t apply to everyone!


We are very sorry that the new placement of the search bar inconveniences you. As we always try to take our users’ opinion into account, the change was motivated by the feedback that we received previously. What we could suggest instead of using the Search bar is pressing the Ctrl+Shift+F shortcut for pulling up the Find window and searching via its fields.


I was planning to purchase the pro version, but may not as I need the search bar above the Inbox field as I use constantly, off to the right is ridiculous, and not intuitive

Why not provide the option of both places?

Drop down box to right and open folder on top