Scrolling in main body of email

I have a question regarding scrolling.
I have 3 viewing panes - (1) Folders - (2) Emails in Folder selected - (3) Email content
I am able to scroll in both 1 & 2 but not in 3
I have the scroll bars enabled an d can click in 3 to move up ior down but unable to scroll using the mouse wheel.

Mouse works in all other applications.

Windows 10 latest update.


try to click in the pane first.

Have tried that and it still doesn’t scroll.
As i say 1 and 2 works fine, just the main body of an email when it exceed the space provided in the screen…


I have encountered the same issue on all of my computers. It happens on many e-mails but not on all of them.
Please try the following steps:

  1. select the mail in upper pane
  2. click somewhere in the middle of mail body in the bottom pane (not hyperlink)
  3. Don’t try to scroll mousewheel, just wait 1 to 3 minutes
  4. then try scroll the mail body
    If You could scroll the mail body, then try shorter waiting time.

Do the down arrow key and/or Page Down work to scroll down the messages?

Can you upgrade to the latest version in the Release History and see if there is any difference.

It could be you have Scroll Inactive when I hover over them (Disabled). If not enabled, enable this and close and reopen eM Client.

Settings / Devices / Mouse - Turn on Scroll Inactive Windows when I hover over them.

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Thanks @cyberzork ! This fixed my issue immediately!

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