Scroll functionality after zooming is lost

After opening an email and zooming (using CTRL and +) it is not possible to scroll through the email using either the scroll wheel, cursor up/down keys or the up and down buttons on the right hand side scroll bar. The only way to scroll is by dragging the bar in that scroll bar up and down.

Hello, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your computer? Can you please check the exact release number in Help > About?

Can you please make sure that you also have the latest available version of Internet Explorer installed on your computer, even if you don’t use this browser?

I was unfortunately unable to replicate this issue.

Hi Paul, thanks for getting back to me. I can no longer duplicate this but it was happening all day Saturday (nothing’s been updated on my PC since!). Great to know it’s not an issue any more though.

It’s happening to me today, after just installing eM Client last night. I am using Version 6.0.22344.0. For Internet Explorer, I am using Version 11.0.9600.17801. I will try updating it. I am using Windows 8.1.

Microsoft says I’m already using the latest IE.

It seems that if I press Ctrl++ ONCE, I don’t have the problem, but doing it TWICE gives me the problem. Upon further testing, I discovered that as soon as the HORIZONTAL scroll bar appears at the bottom, the vertical scroll bar stops responding to everything except dragging the bar. If I press Ctrl± to make it smaller, as soon as the horizontal scroll bar disappears, vertical scrolling works again.

Except it’s NOT consistent. I just went back into the same email (still open), and tried it again and vertical scrolling worked OK even with the horizontal scroll bar still there. Weird.

By the way, clicking above or below the scroll handle doesn’t work either. I am also experiencing all the other ways orientfan described it not working.

Hi yinyangfish,

Yeah, this is strange, I’ve seen it a couple of times since but there’s no way to reliably duplicate the behaviour.

This behaviour occurs when the bottom scrollbar is not perfectly scrolled to the left. As soon as the window content is moved just a little bit, down-scrolling stops working. Move the bottom bar to the left and it works again.

This is across several versions of eM and IE, latest on Win10, 6.0.23181.0 and 11.0.10240.16431

Hello, sorry to see this, is there any chance to make a screenshot of the issue, or is there no change in the UI looks, when this occurs, I’m unfortunately unable to replicate the issue, but it may be a bug of the .NET framework or some of it components as well.


  1. double click an email
  2. press Ctrl + + 
  3. close window
  4. reopen same email 
  5. the zoom changed in item 2 was lost