Scroll don´t work in body message after MacOS update to 11.3

After update to MacOS 11.3, scroll doesn’t work in message window.

When the focus is pointed in the message list the scroll works fine ,but when the focus is pointed in the message body, the scroll doesn’t work using the touchpad. In this case I need to use the scrooll bar doing click with the mouse and moving the scroll bar…

Anyone have the same issue?



Yes, i have the same problem

I encountered a similar issue. Please, try to focus the e-mail body and stay 1 minute keeping still, then try to scroll. If scrolling will work, I would have more info.

I have try it, but the scroll doesn’t work using the touchpad. Thanks.

So it is glitch of other sort…
I have had it with Windows 7.

Yes I have very same problem

same problem here :slightly_frowning_face:
Also tried latest macOS Beta (8.2.1356 (3082dcf)), unfortunately no luck.

Kind regards

Same here… However, sometimes I can get it to scroll up, bug seems sporatic

Same here, can anyone fix it please?

Same problem here. Doesn’t work with touchpad but works easily with a external mouse.

MacOS on newest version.

Same here…
I’ve heard, that Apple did change the scrolling behavior in MacOS 11.3?

MacOS Big Sur on M1 MacBook

Yeah does sound like the recent Big Sur OS update caused the body scrolling issue with the touchpad. I suspect eM Client devs no doubt are aware of this and will do an update or advise on what to do hopefully on this thread for touchpad users.