scroll bars too narrow

This is a minor issue in an otherwise very nice program, but the vertical scrollbars are so narrow that they are almost unusable – please consider making them wider!

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This has been discussed at length in this forum.

You can choose a Theme like Classic or System, which have wider scroll bars. Or you can edit any of the other themes to widen the scroll bars.

I agree! The scroll bar needs to be a minimum of three times as wide as it is. It’s nearly impossible to hit when you try to click on it! What is the problem? Why can’t you triple or quadruple the width? It would make life a LOT easier.

I’ve never seen this problem before on ANY Windows programme. You’ve come up with a truly unique way to have a total pain in the arse interface!

Please read my comment immediately above yours.

Version 8 also includes a Theme Editor, so you can change the scroll bar width easily if you want to remain with the default theme.

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Thanks, Gary. I also needed the scroll bar to be wider, and changing the Arctic theme to use the System Toolbar worked for me.

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Gary, I am trying to use the version 8 Theme Editor to change the scroll bars to “Use System”, but after selecting that checkbox and clicking Apply, I can’t close the Theme Editor window without SAVING the change, but it presents me with a Save To location which is totally unrelated. I cannot find the location to save an …emtheme file. Please advise where to save changes. And then do I need to import the saved file as a new theme? Thank you.

When you are finished editing the theme, you need to save it. Doesn’t matter where, just save it.

Then go to Menu > Settings > Appearance > Themes, and click on the Import button.

Find the theme you just saved.

Once it is imported, the theme will be at the very bottom of the list. Select and apply it.

Really? I have to change my theme and modify it and save it to have a usable scrollbar.

  1. yes, it is too tiny
  2. There is no click button at top and bottom which makes it very hard to scroll one line at a time.

jueves 09 septiembre 2021 :: 2019hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @tinky2jed

There are two ways you edit the Theme:
1./ Use the Theme editor as detailed above
2./ Edi the XML Theme file
If you want full instructions just ASK!
If you are not able to carry out either of these options, tell me the Theme you are
using, and I’ll do it for you and provide a download link for you to import.

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