screens reset when switch

I am getting frustrated, at the moment, over the continual resetting of the screens of different modules.  I am trying to arrange a holiday with other parties. To do this I need to refer to emails from the various parties and my calendar. My problem is that, having opened an email from one, I enter dates from it onto my calendar 2 months into the future. I go back to emails use the search function to find another email with dates of another member in and go back to calendar to enter those, but the calendar is no longer where I left it but back to today’s date, so I have to page through to find where I was. Having done that I go back to emails to check something else in that last email but now that has gone and I am back to the email I was looking at before I searched for the one I wanted, and so it goes on.

Surely tabs should not change as I switch between them, or if they do I should have a switch to stop them. Am I missing something?

Hi, even though your mail should stay open, calendar always resets to current date as I just replicated. I believe this might be a good request for improvement. I’ll forward this issue to developers to see what can be done about it.

Thank you for pointing this out, I’m sorry if this is bothering you and I hope you can manage to use the current settings,

Thanks Paul,

As you say, the e-mail should stay open, the problem is that it does not if the email has been opened from a search. Did you do this step when trying to replicate it?

Right! that’s a different scenario, I agree that this might be an issue for more users, I’ll include it in my report to developers.

Again thank you for pointing this out, I hope we can fix this in future releases,