Screen layout suggestion

When moving through my emails, I generally position the mouse over either the UP arrow icon or DOWN arrow icon to proceed to the next message.  I noticed that these icons shift and sometimes I just mave aback and forth between two messages.  Perhaps we could develop a layout that allows the user to select icons that will appear on a screen, or change something so that these Arrow icons remain in the same position?  

Or, are there key combinations that will allow me to move up and down across emails?

Thank you for your consideration.  I really like eM Client.

Hi John,
thank you for sharing your idea, may I just ask for clarification which up and down arrow icons you mean?


These icons shift when moving between emails.  If you are quickly moving through mail and skipping some for later attention, it is very annoying to find that you are just shifting between two emails.


Oh, I see, thank you for clearing it up, John.
I’m trying to replicate the issue now, because this should not be happening, all the items inside the taskbar are fixed in the same space, so the arrows should definitely not shift.
I haven’t managed to replicate it yet, but I’ll keep my eye out on this issue. Or could you perhaps send me a screenshot next time the arrows shift to the wrong place? The ‘up’ arrow should always be on the left and the ‘down’ always on the right.