"screen corrupt"

top of screen corrupts when using top menus  - (xp sp3)

anybody checking this program - looks like there are many problems - shame!

Hi, yes the software is tested, and nobody reported this issue before, can you maybe make a screenshot of this issue?
Note that Windows XP is not a supported operating system, so it can contain lot of bugs that might not be in correlation to eM Client.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul
This happens when double clicking just above menus (can easily happen accidentally on laptop) - Firefox browser somehow gets selected
Both progs are full screen mode

It’s not too bad in itself but it makes me wonder about stability


Do you have the latest available version of Internet Explorer installed? Can you make sure you have this installed?

I’m really not sure there’s anything that could cause this issue, we’re unable to reproduce it, I’m afraid it might be connected to your operating system as I see the excel window is sort of broken too.

Thank you for understanding,

I never use internet explorer ?? - but IE8 is installed
The “excel window” you mention is actually part of a web page in Firefox browser

enclosed another pic - this time from my desktop - at the top you can see Firefox menus showing
This happened just when the mouse hovered there - but it doesn’t happen consistently


Internet Explorer has effect on some important features of eM client, make sure the latest available version is always installed.
What version of eM client are you using?

I’m unable to replicate the issue with firefox nor any other application, unfortunately.

 eMclient = on laptop 6.0.20320.0 - on desktop 6.0.19861.0

ie8 / xp no longer updated or supported - so looks like my search for an email client continues

Hi Mick,

Maybe you can improve refresh of your screen by installing a newer version of your graphics driver (if available)?

I would suggest switching to a newer operating system…more and more programs won’t support Windows XP.

Hi Hans

The problem occurs on two separate computers with totally different hardware. All other software works fine.

(Before you consider advising me to change my OS , get a faster processor , defrag my hard drive etc etc  - please read that first sentence again)

If you apply simple logic this means the problem is with emclient - one day they may discover that their screen redraw function is flawed.
I may be the only person ever to bother to report this problem but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
If emclient is not suitable for XP then that should be made clear

It’s not a great problem - but I also don’t like the long start up time - this suggests it’s not written very efficiently.

For your information - I spent a week setting up Windows 7 64 bit a while ago and used it for a good few weeks - at best it only just about matches XP in performance - but it’s a lot more bloated. It’s just a tweaked version of Vista - which is horrible.
If you want to believe otherwise then that’s up to you - but don’t advise people to spend their money and days of their time installing a “new” operating system that they may well regret.

One day I may well be forced to “upgrade” my OS - but hopefully by then there will be something better than the current bloated offerings.

I’m sure you meant well Hans - but the problem is with emclient  - it would be wrong to suggest otherwise for anyone else reading this


Hi Mick,

Of course I meant well…otherwise I wouldn’t spend so much time here in this forum trying to help other people.

eM Client is using Internet Explorer to show and compose e-mails, so that’s why you will sometimes see suggestions in this forum to upgrade the version of Internet Explorer installed on a computer. And that solves indeed sometimes issues according to feedback of customers.

Maybe the screen redrawing of eM Client has an issue (I can not remember having seen many posts about this though)…but sometimes updates of video drivers can solve that. (Just like some games sometimes have screen issues, which are resolved by newer versions of the video driver.) If you would not have run such a game before, and all your other programs are working correctly, you also would blame the game…but it turns out that sometimes the issue is not in the game, but in the video driver.

Updating to a newer version of your operating system is not an advise only related to eM Client…newer operating systems are (normally) more stable and more safe … sometimes faster or can handle bigger applications or bigger multimedia files (think 64 bits compared to 32 bits) … and hardware vendors are more likely to build / update drivers for newer operating systems than for older operating systems. By the way, the same counts for software companies of course.

By the way, if the startup time of eM Client is taking too long, I can also suggest using an SSD drive…that makes a big difference in startup time of ALL your programs (and Windows)…not only in the startup time of eM Client…and yes…I know upgrading hardware and or software costs time and money…but normally you will get something better in return, which can save you time and increase the joy in using your computer.

I assume most people will understand that my ‘advise’ is just ‘advise’…it’s up to them to make the decision to follow it or not. Some people may advise to buy a certain brand of car…and also such advise can cost people who follow it a lot of time and (especially) money, and still they might end up with a car which is not suitable for them.

Anyway, as I wrote I’m just trying to help: downloading and installing the latest version of a video driver will take time, but is free, so regarding that my initial advise didn’t involve spending money :slight_smile:

And yes, there might be an issue in the redrawing done by eM Client…most software contains bugs.