screen capture

Is there any way to insert a screen capture (whole screen or only part of it) to a new email?

Yes of course there is, but not straight away from eM Client, you have to make the screenshot and save it on your computer, then just add an attachment or drag and drop the image onto the message’s body…

Hope this helps,

Hi Paul
Too bad it’s not as easy as in ms-outlook
That’s the only feature i’m missing…

Hi again, maybe we can improve this in the future, but it’s not currently planned.
Thank you for the suggestion.


Hi Igal,

If you often make screen shots, I can strongly suggest to use SnagIt:

You can then even add an image inside an e-mail without having to save it first.

I would not add a ‘screen capture function’ to an e-mail program like eM Client. A screen capture program should be able to be used independently of other programs.