Schedule Back up?

Is there a way to schedule a regular backup? I use the backup utility in the setup menu, and then I use Windows 10 task scheduler to schedule that for 2 a.m. - as  another post had explained. However, EM Client seems to always want to back up around 11 a.m., when I’m in the middle of my work. In addition, every time there is a backup, it seems to create approximately 20 Gigabytes of temp files (same size as my back up ZIP file) which I have to clear out from the Windows 10 temp folder. If not, my C drive will become full very fast. It does not go to trash. Any solutions to this?

Hello Eric,

We’re sorry to hear that you have issues with the backup. We would recommend turning the backup off in eM Client, removing eM Client from the Windows Task Scheduler and then adding it again and then turning it on in eM Client again. Does this help?
Anyways, we realize that the backup isn’t very convenient at the moment which is why it will be possible to do a backup with eM Client running in version 7.1.