scary crash/hangup

I’m getting strange things in emClient. Messages don’t display, just the title and a series of dots chases across the screen  above the title. This has happened a few times now. If I click on anything else (like “new”) the program hangs up. If I wait for a long time, it might fix itself eventually, or not. Might hang up everything on the PC.

It may be some corruption in your database. Close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe

updated, and PC crashed! Rebooting now

seems good so far, wait a couple of days before opening the champagne

No, misbehaving again this morning. Re-ran db repair, but eM Client slow to re-open, and still misbehaving. Windows is screwed up, can’t power off/restart.

Maybe a Windows problem then that is affecting eM Client?

Only with eM Client running. Mail goes bad first, then everything slows/hangs. It’s OK again now for the moment. I had two AV programs installed, have now uninstalled one. Could that be an issue? Any other ideas?

Running two anti-virus applications simultaneously is not a good idea. If nothing else, it would just double what system resources are being used.

Since almost a day has passed after uninstalling one of them, how goes eM Client?

Shh. So far, so good.

…still good!

Good news!!